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The Asics company is a world-renowned brand, which today ranks 1st in Europe in the sale of running shoes sneakers for professional purposes. Until 1977, the brand was called "Onitsuka", but after some time it was renamed and the current name is an abbreviation consisting of the first letters of the Latin phrase "Anima Sana in Corpore Sano", which means "A healthy mind in a healthy body!". /p>

A little history of brand development

Already in 1951, the company released the first volleyball sneakers with vulcanized rubber soles. A little later, as a result of the modernization of running shoes for professional athletes, the first sports shoes with a rounded toe appear. Such famous athletes as Kenji Kimihara and Abebe Bikila ran in sneakers of this brand.

Today, the sneakers of this brand are the official supplier of equipment for the Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea Athletics Federation. In addition, Asics sponsors the largest marathons in the world, which are held in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Hamburg and Rome. Today, the Asics brand does not lose its relevance due to the range of products that is regularly updated, as well as innovative solutions that have been introduced into the production process.

Model line of Asics running shoes

Despite the fact that the company has reached incredible heights, to this day the line of sports shoes for running is updated and improved. There are a large number of models of sneakers for both runners and amateurs. In order for new technologies to be implemented and at the same time to make sports shoes as functional as possible, hundreds of researchers, scientists and engineers from the Asics Research Institute, which is located in the Japanese city of Koba, are working.

If we speak globally, the sneakers of this brand can be conditionally divided into Performance (intended for serious training) and Active (intended for active recreation). In turn, they are divided into types of surfaces: trail (off-road), as well as asphalt (for training on a hard surface). It should be noted that absolutely every sports model of the Japanese brand has multifunctionality, durability and excellent cushioning of the sole. In turn, the most popular on the European shoe market for several decades is the GT series of sneakers.

Asics GT sneakers are the best-selling running shoes

The fact that these sneakers are the best in what they do is said by the fact that they have received the title of the best running shoes four times (2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009). At the same time, the title was awarded by the world's most authoritative sports publication "Runner's World". In 2011, the sneakers were again awarded the title of the best sneakers in the world according to this magazine, which was achieved due to the following advantages:

  • longevity;
  • excellent damping properties;
  • comfort and lightness;
  • all-weather;
  • protection against injuries;
  • Excellent grip.

What technologies are implemented in Asics sneakers?

  • Maximum responsiveness and cushioning. This effect was achieved due to a special gel cushion and a two-layer sole of the sneakers. The latter is a light elastic layer of foam of different densities, which guarantees perfect return and smoothness during running. At this time, the width and location of the layers takes into account anatomical features.
  • A well-thought-out system of foot correction and support. Due to the dynamic support of the DuoMax foot, the runner will feel as comfortable and light as possible. The service life of the sneakers is equal to hundreds of kilometers, which no other sneakers can provide.
  • Perfect design of collar stain. When you wear Asics sneakers, you automatically protect your own feet from calluses and injuries. The seamless upper of the shoe minimizes the risk of chafing.

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