Welcome to  Internet store MirObuvi.com.ua!

You can buy shoes from various manufacturers from us.
Purchases will be delivered at a time convenient for you to the address indicated in the order.
We will help you save both time and money - our prices are lower than those of ordinary stores.
We hope that our store will prove to be a useful and economical assistant for you in making purchases.

Mode of accepting orders.

Calls are accepted on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.
Delivery in 1-2 days.
Phones for order (093)33-75-372

How to order a product.

- Ordering products through the online store.

The product can be ordered through online store by specifying your contact information.
Our managers will process the order in the near future and will contact you.

-Ordering goods by phone.


At the "Nova Poshta" branch You have the right to inspect and measure the product. To do this, approach the employee and calls the number of the goods and transport number, the employee checks the availability of the goods in the warehouse and takes them out of the zone composition, after that. You pay the specified amount in advance (the value of the goods), you are issued a parcel, check (you can measure), if the product does not fit,   then you notify the employee of "Nova Poshta" LLC about this. and get your money back. In this case, the goods are returned to the Sender.

Discount program

For registered users MirObuvi provides a cumulative discount system:​

  • 3% - upon registration, a permanent discount is fixed to your account;
  • 5% - when accumulating the amount of orders from UAH 2,500;
  • 7% - when accumulating the amount of orders from UAH 5,000;
  • 10% - when accumulating the amount of orders from UAH 10,000.


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