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Men's sneakers – the main element of the wardrobe for athletes and businessmen

For many decades, sneakers are the most popular shoes for everyday wear. And the most unexpected thing is that there is absolutely nothing to do with sports here. Men's sneakers have absolutely no age and lifestyle restrictions – they can be worn for a walk, during sports, to work, on a date and even to a wedding.

The only difference is which design, shape and color you choose above. In turn, the "World of Shoes" online store will make sure that you can buy sneakers that will not leave anyone indifferent. Only certified shoes from all leading brands that provide truly quality shoes.

A little about the history of the appearance of sports sneakers

Similar shoes appeared in the 18th century and then they had a rubber sole – . it was called canvas shoes. At first glance, men's sneakers of that time were quite crude and primitive, not having any difference for the left and right foot. It was these shoes that became a kind of prototype of sneakers that we can observe now. Only later did similar shoes acquire a textile upper, reinforced cape, laces and became ankle-high.

Such shoes were incredibly comfortable and soft, when worn by a person was virtually inaudible, so they got the American name – snickers, which in translation meant to sneak up unnoticed. The new type of shoes significantly reduced the probability of getting a sprained foot, and at that moment they simply became indispensable for sports. If taken globally, sneakers as an independent type of footwear appeared only at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in the USA.

At that time, the Converse company created a debut pair of shoes that were created specifically for basketball games – these were unique sneakers at that time. As early as 1924, Europe began to produce sneakers. The first in this business were Adidas and Puma, which were created by two brothers and still delight their fans with exclusively high-quality products.

The first men's sneakers appeared in a similar way – it was the foundation for the creation of the variety of models that will now be able to satisfy the demands of absolutely every buyer. The popularity of sneakers began to grow at an incredible pace, and soon sneakers ceased to be considered a sports type of footwear, and today you can already find models for everyday wear.

How to wear sneakers to look cool?

As you already understood, men's sneakers – it is a must-have element of a man's wardrobe, which can be worn with any outfit. At the same time, the variety of models leads to the fact that this universal item looks out of place with some clothes and spoils the overall image, although beautiful clothes are chosen. Let's consider the main 5 rules for wearing men's sneakers:

  • Sneakers – these are classic shoes. When choosing sneakers, it is necessary to ensure that they blend in color with the pants, preferably so that they do not repeat the color of the jacket, jacket and shirt. Exceptions are only white T-shirts and white sneakers. it's a really good tandem. If you decide to wear sneakers together with pants, emphasize exactly them – this is a guarantee that they will look great.
  • The sole determines the width of the pants. Conventionally, sneakers can be divided into models with flat and massive soles. With sneakers and sneakers, trousers and straight jeans are ideal. Pants and jeans must be full length if they are long – you can turn it up, the cuff looks just right here. But tight pants will look only on guys who have muscular legs, otherwise the silhouette of Mickey Mouse will turn out. But for more modern and sporty options, narrow cropped jeans will look better. girls like them very much. If the pants are wide, then massive sneakers will be even more.
  • Add interesting details to the image. When combining sneakers with pants, you need to understand that you immediately get the label of a fashionista. And immediately the impression can be bright, or, on the contrary, smeared. All other items in the look are boring and neutral, so you will look like you stole the shoes. It is for this reason that the image of sneakers should be supplemented with interesting details. bright jacket, socks, belt, custom bag – your image will be more organic.
  • Consider the type of sneakers. Many manufacturers have now introduced knitted sneakers-socks. These will be a great solution if you wear sneakers with sweatpants or shorts. If you want to experiment with jeans, then choose light models – all others will look silly. Every summer you can see a huge number of original slip-ons on other guys – they are worn exclusively with tapered or cropped pants and jeans that open the ankle. Otherwise, the leg will seem too large and disproportionate. If your foot size is larger than 44, then this option is unlikely to suit you.
  • Experiment with socks. You can find fun and original laces in stores everywhere. The idea of experimenting with the color of laces is good, but only if you – informal teenager In other cases, such experiments look quite silly and funny. But you can freely experiment with the color of socks. they do not spoil the sneakers.

Obviously, men's sneakers help to create a rather original and stylish image, if certain rules are followed. When choosing sneakers, you need to avoid neutral and boring options. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

What are the differences between sneakers for men and women?

Despite the fact that there are a large number of unisex models – they should be bought as carefully as possible. And the whole thing is that a woman's and a man's foot have their own characteristics, which are taken into account when creating shoes. And this is even if the model is created on a wedge. Usually they differ in the same characteristics:

  • the back of a man's foot is slightly wider than a woman's, so women's models are distinguished by a more stable pad and increased fixation of the leg to prevent dislocations, chafing and other injuries;
  • when walking, men push off with great effort and faster than men, regardless of weight and build, so the front part of a women's sneaker is not so rigid;
  • women are more refined than men – they do not have so much developed muscles, so the sneakers are produced with shock-absorbing properties, and the inserts inside are quite rare.

As you can see, there is quite a significant difference between the models, so you should not conduct experiments and it is better to buy men's sneakers that are designed specifically for men. Our online store will ensure that you can buy sneakers for men on favorable terms, choosing from a wide range. We offer exclusively certified products of well-known brands. If there are difficulties during the choice, you can always count on the support of an experienced manager-consultant. We deliver anywhere in Ukraine: Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Lutsk and other regions.


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