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Women's sandals

When the summer season comes, then you want to find shoes that will be as comfortable, convenient and not hot as possible. The optimal solution in this case will be sandals, which will add elegance and lightness to everything. Women's sandals – it is a versatile and stylish shoe that borrows its appearance from Roman sandals. But we will leave the history of its appearance behind, and we will simply enjoy the maximum comfort.

Comfortable shoes for all occasions

In this type of shoe, a wooden stable heel is elegantly combined with openwork ribbons and weightless straps. Sandals made of material with a texture similar to the skin of a reptile look fascinating and unusual, the thin lacing will sexyly wrap around the ankle and make the leg slimmer thanks to the high ring. For everyday use, sandals on a light platform or wedges, as well as sandals with flats, decorative rhinestones, feathers, perforations and lace will look ideal.

They will not only slim the leg, but also will not cause fatigue. For the office, the optimal solution will be monochrome models on a stable heel with a metal sock. At this time, you can always choose the optimal solution among orange, purple, beige, pink and other models.

Various types of sandals by type of heel

  • Sandals with a small heel – these are comfortable and versatile shoes that will be the perfect solution for the summer season and will be perfectly combined with different clothes. This model is suitable for long walks, formal events and business meetings. The most popular is a wide type of heels, because it has maximum resistance, the leg in it will be less tired, so you can wear it all day. Sandals of this type are especially in demand among young girls and older women. They will be suitable for work, allowing you to create the most efficient way of life.
  • Stiletto sandals – these are the most sexy shoes that can change a lady beyond recognition, giving the image stylish features and mystery. A pin can add femininity, elegance and sophistication to absolutely every woman. Despite the fact that such shoes will be able to competently reveal the flaws of the figure and will be slimmer, it will be quite difficult to go out in them throughout the day. Sandals are bought for a certain exit and for things prepared in advance. If you have planned a long walk, then prefer some more practical shoes.
  • Classic heel – these are the most comfortable shoes that have large and stable heels. You can walk in them all day long. They will ideally be considered the main element of the basic wardrobe, which can be combined with different clothes without problems. You can create an official and solemn image, as well as an informal one, which will be the optimal solution for walking every day.
  • Sandals with a tractor sole – it is a shoe that is considered a hit this season, without which no fashion show is complete. They will not be suitable for important negotiations and business meetings, but for everyday life they will be just right. With the help of such shoes, you can create a bright and bold image that will attract the attention of others.

Features of choosing sandals

When choosing summer women's shoes, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • naturalness of the material – such a model is worn on a bare foot, and will be in direct contact with the skin, so this factor must be taken into account;
  • sandals with rhinestones and brooches – pay attention to how well they will hold, otherwise they will quickly become unusable;
  • sole of summer shoes – they should bend well and be soft, because this will make walking easier and make staying in such a pair as comfortable as possible.

Buy women's sandals in the "World of Shoes" online store

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