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New Balance sneakers.

The New Balance brand has long been recognized as one of the best companies involved in the production of sportswear and equipment. And all thanks to the fact that this manufacturer has its own unique style, which is completely different from others, and the patch in the form of the letter "N" - It has long been not just a letter, but a business card of the company.

The popularity of the brand only grows every year. It would not be an exaggeration to say that today New Balance is no less popular and well-known than the well-known brands Nike or Adidas. In addition, this company appeared much earlier than its competitive sports and shoe brands - in 1906. But for the first time in years, the company was engaged in the production of insoles and other accessories that increase the level of comfort when wearing shoes, which as a result only had a positive effect on the quality of products.

The history of the development of the New Balance brand

As mentioned, it all started in 1906. A company was established in the USA in the city of Blamont, where an immigrant from England, William Riley, at the age of 33, founded a laboratory for the development and production of correction devices. When he watched a chicken walking through the garden, he noticed first of all the excellent balance of the leg structure and stability. He was surprised by how the paw with three points of support is arranged, which makes it so comfortable for the smoker to walk.

The observations were reflected in the support system of the shoes: a special insole was developed, which creates support for the heel at three points by analogy with a chicken leg. Such technology brought the development of confession, and the company got its name - New Balance.

The first running shoe was designed and produced in 1938, and it was intended for a local sports club. Already 2 years later, they took part in competitions in it for the first time, after which the company began to produce custom-made shoes for athletes who are engaged not only in athletics, but also in basketball, baseball, boxing and tennis.

All these years, the manufacturer developed, and already from 1992 to 1999, New Balance became the company that had the highest and most stable annual sales growth in the sports goods market, which gave it the opportunity to become the 4th largest company that was engaged in the sale and implementation of shoes . An important feature is that even today, when most companies have opened their own production in Vietnam, China, etc., the New Balance brand remains true to itself and continues to produce shoes only at its factories in England and the USA.

A wide range of models from the New Balance company

This manufacturer has always been distinguished by the fact that he fanatically cares for the feet of his customers. Most of the brand's classic models were made exclusively from high-quality suede or nylon fabric. The key feature of similar sneaker consisted of a strong and wear-resistant sole that has excellent cushioning properties and supports the foot to minimize the chance of injury.

The fact that the US Army uses sports shoes of this brand speaks for the convenience of New Balance shoes. Most athletes and businessmen prefer comfortable and stylish shoes from this manufacturer. Such famous people as the paradoxical character of the series "Doctor House" and the famous innovator Steve Jobs were no exception.

New Balance 574 sneakers are the best, that is, on the market

This is the most common model from the American brand. Initially, the New Balance 574 was a running shoe, but later they began to be used in other sports as well. Later, they were liked for daily walks, because they could give maximum comfort. There is nothing surprising in this, because the model has the Encap cushioning system, the heel in these sneakers was securely fixed. They are available in a variety of colors, so men and women can choose the ideal option for themselves.

Key advantages of sneakers from the New Balance

  • Exclusively innovative materials are used - this guarantees comfortable wearing conditions and convenient positioning of the foot.
  • Affordable price for sneakers - despite the use of exclusively high-quality materials, competent pricing allows you to achieve loyal prices.
  • A wide range of colors - the market offers models of different colors, so everyone will find the perfect option for themselves.

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