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FILA sneakers.

Today sneakers are not just sports shoes designed for running and other sports, but comfortable everyday shoes. At this time, manufacturers are doing everything possible to provide their fans with more modern and stylish shoes that will increase the comfort of each person. The Italian company Fila is no exception, which, despite its high popularity, does not stop at the achieved level and does everything possible to ensure that you have exceptionally strong and reliable shoes in your wardrobe. That's when everyone will be able to choose the best option in the assortment, because the manufacturer provides women's and men's models with different sizes.

History of Fila sneakers

The Italian brand began its activity at the beginning of the 20th century - in 1911, and was named after the brand's founders - the Phil brothers. At the very beginning, the company was known as a weaving manufactory, and after 60 years, the basis switched to the production of sportswear, which was primarily created for tennis players. It was at this moment that the company's logo appeared - "F" framed in a square. The main difference between the clothes and shoes of this brand was that they were among the first to use the seamless technology of creating shoes. At that time, it was a real breakthrough, so there was no pushback from buyers. Style, quality and convenience, which guaranteed maximum benefits.

Due to its features, the brand quickly managed to gain popularity not only on the regional, but also on the world market. At that time, shoes were liked not only by ordinary customers, but also by world-class athletes, among whom was Björn Borg, a famous tennis player. In clothes and shoes of this brand, he repeatedly won tournaments, due to which the company remained his sponsor for 22 years.

The peak of the company's popularity fell on the 90s of the 20th century. Already today, the most famous brand with a century-old history is presented to us. People trust him and invest in him. They believe in him.

What makes Fila shoes special?

Since the beginning of its activity, Fila company has used exclusively high-quality natural and synthetic materials that are absolutely safe for the human body when manufacturing shoes. Despite the fact that the materials of the upper part were incredibly light, they are characterized by an increased level of strength, so even with intensive use in training, they remain as strong and reliable. The artificial and natural materials used by the manufacturer allow the skin to breathe, so even in the sweltering heat, your feet will remain dry and will not have an unpleasant smell.

During the production of the soles, strong and reliable rubber was used, which will guarantee excellent cushioning properties of the sneakers. At this time, the shoes absolutely do not slip on any surfaces, which increases safety, as well as increases comfort during sports. The sole and the upper part are securely connected to each other, so they will be able to last for a long time. The lacing securely fixes the shoe on the foot, which will also increase your comfort.

Key advantages of Fila shoes

  • Affordable cost, high quality and constantly updated assortment.
  • In the creation of shoes, only environmentally friendly and safe materials are used.
  • During production, innovative technologies are used, increasing the level of quality.
  • Seamless technology was used, taking into account especially the feet.
  • A convenient quick lacing system securely fixes the foot.
  • Sneakers can provide perfect cushioning.
  • Shoes are as flexible and light as possible.


Wide choice for every person

The manufacturer took care of every person, so he offered completely different models, among which everyone will be able to choose the optimal solution:

  • The Grant Hill model is an ideal solution for basketball, which guarantees excellent fixation of the ankle joint. A guarantee of good traction, a dense sole, excellent cushioning and wear resistance.
  • The Centauri model is a shoe made of artificial suede and textile, which has a grooved sole. Such shoes will be an ideal solution for daily use.
  • The Original Fitness model is a popular fitness model with a classic design, leather upper and abrasion-resistant sole.
  • The Cement Pack model is a classic model that is presented in a calm color scheme with accents of black and red, which will be the perfect solution if you want to create a truly unique image.
  • The Spaghetti model is a sneaker with a built-in system of straps, which will be an ideal solution for sports in a completely different direction.
  • The Strada Disruptor model is a shoe for every day, which is characterized by lightness and a thick sole, which looks very impressive and will be an ideal solution for rainy weather.
  • The Azzure model is a model that was created specifically for running. The upper part was made of breathable mesh and a great sole with good cushioning.
  • Skeletoes model - modern sneakers that appeared only recently and are distinguished by a non-standard design - sneakers with toes. You get the feeling that you are running barefoot, it has an anatomical sole, the model guarantees easy grip and stability.

Buy Fila sneakers in the "World of Shoes" online store

Our online store offers shoes from the Fila brand in a wide range on the most favorable terms. The catalog contains exclusively certified products. At this time, we strive to provide a complete range of sneakers that are currently on the market, constantly adding new products to the range so that you can always add to your range. If you have difficulties choosing from a wide range, our experienced manager-consultant is always ready to help, who will choose shoes based on your preferences and financial capabilities. Thanks to direct cooperation with the manufacturer, we managed to achieve prices 10-20% lower than in chain stores. Delivery is carried out anywhere in Ukraine: Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Lviv and other regions.


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